Monday, June 14, 2010

The last number of weeks have brought many changes. My sister is now Mrs. Caroline Felty, and she now lives in Corpus Christi. Good changes! It saddens me that we won't be able to see each other as often, and sadder is thinking of all the times I perhaps could have spent with her before. But from this transition yet another change has emerged, in my own life. My sister bequeathed to me two small kittens, the smallest, cutest creatures. Most likely won't keep the kittens, but this has given me a new appreciation for pets. Observing them play together is a source of endless amusement. They spend much of their time playing together, capering and gamboling and dashing from wall to wall in chase of each other. Their predatory nature is constantly in stark contrast to their gentle nature, the one that licks my hands and my face, softly rubs against my shoulders, and curls up on my chest and purrs me to sleep.