Friday, March 26, 2010

At noon my Friday class ended and I took the bus home and squandered seven hours sleeping and piddling online. I rotated periodically between the two, dozing an hour on my bed, then pulling myself awake to sit down bleary-eyed in front of my computer. The large fan I keep at my bedside is the best soporific I've ever encountered. It serves a dual purpose: the soft whirring soothes me while at the same time soaks up most outside noise. I can't imagine ever being able to sleep without it.

My day is a failure. Only a few words eked out. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer. If the sun doesn't deceive again with feigned blandishments, then I look forward to a long walk on campus, where I can organize and shuffle around my thoughts. And spend several content hours in my chair reading.


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