Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Elizabeth Moon is a Curmudgeon and other News

That's right. Elizabeth moon is a curmudgeon. She said so herself. Actually, she was looking for the right word to describe her recent crone-like tendencies, and I kindly offered a few adjectives of choice--curmudgeon being the one she preferred.

The first annual Hill Country Book Festival was a smash. It was all the more awesome to see Elizabeth walking around with a giant broadsword swinging from her hip. Occasionally she would pull it out and start smacking people. The crazy bat. She let me play with her sword, and gave me a detailed lecture on swordsmanship. Grasshopper than I am.

Seriously, though. Book signings are the biggest waste of time. People amble by, smile at you, finger your book, leaf it through, and, realizing it's just a bunch of poems, they smile again and scurry on to the next table. I sold five books. Eight long hours and only five books sold! After a few hours of twiddling my thumbs I finally took out a Vernor Vinge novel and began reading. I think, though, I may have unintentionally shooed away a few potential customers during the intense moments there at the end of the story.


At October 16, 2008 at 6:16 AM , Anonymous Phyllis R. Moses said...

Thanks for your appraisal of the
Hill Country Book Festival at Georgetown. We appreciate your humorous post. We also hope you understand that book signings and book festivals are much, much, more
than selling books.

We were in strategy planning meetings for one year prior to this special day. One year of not really knowing what to do, since we
had never done it before. But we looked around and knew without a doubt that we could learn what to do, if our vision was clear enough.

Since it's over now and I have more
time to consider some of the books
I looked at, I've ordered three online.Networking is one of the keys.

YOur participation is appreciated
and we sincerely trust you will come back next year.

Thanks for coming, and let us hear from you.

At October 16, 2008 at 7:36 AM , Blogger billy said...

Ha! How did you stumble upon my little blog, Phyllis?? I was lavishing in my obscurity here.

Yes, I understand the manifold advantages of book signings, establishing contacts being just one them. The best advantage, of course, is getting to witness in person the hilarious antics of fellow writers (Really, I admire and envy Elizabeth.)

All in all, I'd say the HCBF was a terrific success. Pat yourselves on the back!


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